.. pentachord

Why pentachord? What does it mean?
There are many reasons. This word means a type of scale. You know antiqe tetrachords? Pentachord is like a little more. You have heared about pentatonic scale from Far East? This is similar but not exact. It might be an instrument with five cords like double-bass (btw. there was instrument called ↓pentachord). It might by just a chord with five elements, or like hand with five fingers (very human). In numerology, the number five is related to change. The chord itself (one cord) is for me related to Pytagorian monocord mathematical&musical instrument. It is weird, I know.
This site is realted to music and more. Related to artistics activities. So why not: pentachord (!?).

Of course there are propably much more meanigs od this word. Look at wiki here. Also in numerology, in different cultures there are different meanings. I thing however, that every existence (even like this site - virtual, needs a name)
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